Experienced Sales Force. Pronto!

Filling in the gap with leaders who hit the ground running

With years of experience, Plan B has developed a break-through solution that changes the way the hospitality industry is hiring sales teams and executing sales strategies. We developed Sales4Hire™ to enable clients to have all the benefits of an in-house sales professional without the overhead of hiring, training, and maintaining the sales staff internally.

Off Site, But Hands On

Plan B works with senior level sales talent who can immediately fill the management position with minimal guidance to hit the ground running. Our flexible solution is based on your property’s specific needs, taking the project scope and the level of time commitment in mind. With Sales4Hire™, you are able to take advantage of the shared economy so it’s a cost-effective approach that allows you to generate sales more quickly while having a sales infrastructure immediately. *Note your Sales4Hire™ consultant is available on site for critical meetings.

Why It Makes Sense

  • Quick start on revenue generation
  • A distinct signature service customizable to your hotel needs
  • Lower costs with immediate sales infrastructure
  • Measurable output with metrics and guarantees built into projects
  • Peace-of-mind with an experienced team running the day-to-day sales operation

Is Sales4Hire Right For You?

Finding yourself still settling for mediocre results, high employee turnover and micromanaging? With Sales4Hire™, we have addressed your most frustrating sales concerns and are able to create a solution that fits tightly with your property needs. Whether you’re a business opening its doors for the first time or a hotel with a well-established brand, finding the right sales fit should no longer be a time-consuming process.

It’s time that you finally have peace of mind that there’s a team behind you and your asset, focused on generating revenue and delivering long-needed results.

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