Sales Safari™

Turning High Quality Leads Into Sales Appointments

De-commoditizing Your Hotel

Stand Out Among the Crowded Sea of Vendors

Using our Right Fit Lead® techniques, Plan B Consultants will uncover marketing and sales qualified leads and set up qualified appointments. Our proprietary lead scoring system can identify your ideal prospects in specific markets and help you to uncover new business.

All the Hard Work is Done

Imagine having Plan B consultants find qualified leads, nurture the relationship, and bring them in for your sales team. For years, we have fine-tuned our approach and found the best ways to bypass gatekeepers in order to get your hotel sales team in front of ideal customers. So essentially we open the doors, plan the “hunt”, and set up qualified leads.

We can’t control when the prospects have needs for your hotel, however, our process gives you an edge over your competitors when it comes to the next bidding and RFP cycle.

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Is Sales Safari® Right For Your Hotel?

Are you always one of several vendors in a bidding process with no effective way to set yourself apart?

Have you been looking for a way to get in front of many customers over a short period of time, therefore leading to a quicker lead ladder conversion?

Is your current process unable to adjust and scale with the growth of your hotel?

Our solution is flexible, able to accommodate for individual hotels up to full-scale corporate brands, as well as scalable. We are able to serve one select hotel or even multiple properties within a major hotel company. Sales Safari™ has literally brought in millions of incremental dollars to the table for our customers. And that’s just the start.

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The Plan B Difference

Developed by former hotel sales staff, Plan B Hotel Sales Blitz has allowed clients to experience returns between 100%-1400% percent within days of completing their sales mission. Each Sales Blitz is customized to meet your business goals, and we can fill in for every step including:

  • Sourcing Leads
  • Appointment Setting
  • Organizing Teams and Maps
  • Providing Company Profiles
  • Providing Cold-Call Guidance

We have experience in every major market and numerous smaller markets throughout the U.S. Our process has been proven successful for big-box hotels, boutiques, independents, mid-scale to luxury. Plan B’s business development team truly values the meaning of partnership. Through collaboration, we are able to break through the clutter and execute the sales blitz with promising results.

Proprietary Logistics Process

From start to finish, we are fully transparent during the Sales Blitz process. All data and information related to your custom sales mission is yours to own.


On or Off Site Management

We have the ability to perform the sales mission and all necessary tasks off premise if need be. That being said, we are limited on wherever we may need to travel to ensure success.

Complete Visibility of All Calls Placed

Along with the transparent logistics process, we give you complete access to our database of all placed calls, including specific notes to each conversation.

When to Use Our Blitz

From big-box hotels to indepedents and everything in between.

  • Struggling Hotel

  • New Opening

  • Re Launch

  • Boost Sales

No matter your reason, Plan B Consultants can help you quickly reach your goals with our sales blitz.

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